[Mailman-Users] Search Archive Feature?

Mark T. Valites valites at geneseo.edu
Tue Oct 23 19:59:04 CEST 2001


I was half way through writing another email to explain where I was at. 
 You nailed the situation down with this one.  I had missed the ****in 
obvious and replaced LINK with DIR - must have stopped thinking for a 
little.  Since then, I had blow it away, and correctly configured it. 
 Now, nightly_htdig from the command line does bitch the first time I 
run it, but no output the second time.  Regardless how many times I run 
it, I get all files except the db.words.db in the appropriate directory, 
and the web error descrbed below follows.

Thanks again!

Richard Barrett wrote:

> Mark
> Our communications are crossing because I'm sending 2 for 1. I'll 
> guess that my last missive solves the problem of htdig not finding 
> config files for lists.
> At 12:17 23/10/2001 -0400, you wrote:
>> Richard, thanks again for such a quick response.
>> I did in fact symlink with an trailing "/",  (that damn tab 
>> completion must have gotten me) and that fixed that problem...
>> I'm now onto the next.  After entering a query, I get another error 
>> from the web:
>> Unable to read word database file 
>> '/home/mailman/arhives/private/LISTNAME/htdig/db.words.db'
>> Did you run htmerge?
>> And there is in fact no file "db.words.db" in that directory.  An ls 
>> of the dir returns:
>> db.docdb
>> db.wordlist
>> rundig_last_run
>> test.conf
> Essentially if mm_cfg.py is correct then you should not ever have to 
> mess with the htdig config files and such. With:
> 1. everything properly installed
> 2. a list created
> 3. a message sent to the list
> 4. nightly_htdig run either by cron or hand
> All should be well.
> Given the change HTDIG_MAILMAN_DIR to HTDIG_MAILMAN_LINK in mm_cfg.py 
> is done try running nightly_htdig by hand. Just ignore its bitching 
> and moaning. Do an ls on 
> /home/mailman/archives/private/<listname>/htdig to get something like 
> this:
> [barrett at mailman htdig]$ ls
> db.docdb       db.wordlist  <listname>.conf
> db.docs.index  db.words.db  rundig_last_run
> If that doesn't look right then bin all but the <listname.conf> in the 
> list's htdig directory and try running nightly_htdig again.
> Richard

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