[Mailman-Users] Search Archive Feature?

Mark T. Valites valites at geneseo.edu
Wed Oct 24 15:09:31 CEST 2001

Richard and all - I got it.  These patches are not nearly as painful to 
install as you might have gathered from these emails.

First, make sure to use HTDIG_MAILMAN_LINK, instead of DIR - that will 
break things.
Second, HTDIG_RUNDIG_PATH = '/path/to/rundig', not /path/to/htdig

Aside from these two stupid, stupid mistakes, the implementation is 
incredibly easy.  Job well done to Richard.

>> HTDIG_MAILMAN_LINK = 'htdig-mailman'
>> HTDIG_RUNDIG_PATH = '/usr/local/htdig/bin/rundig'
>> USE_HTDIG = 1
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