[Mailman-Users] config.db being set to 'root'

Rob Brandt rbrandt at sbdsl.com
Fri Oct 26 21:56:36 CEST 2001

Hi.  I've had a long standing problem and now a new second problem 
with file permissions/group ownership.  Maybe connected?

1) Long standing problem - when I create a new list, I have to 
manually change the group permissions of the files in the 
/list/listname directory before the list would function.  If I don't 
do this, I get the "we've hit a bug" message in the browser when I 
try to access the list info.

2) New problem - I've created a new list for the first time in a few 
months, and set the file permissions just like other lists I have 
that work fine.  After getting everything set up and configured, I 
try and send messages through.   The first message comes through OK, 
but subsequent submissions are rejected by Postfix because the 
config.db permissions are wrong.  Sure enough, config.db group has 
been set to root.  The web pages aren't accessible anymore either. 
I've tried this many times over and it is very repeatable.  In fact, 
I've found that if I set ownership correctly, then send 2 or 3 
messages to the list quickly they all come through.  But if I wait a 
minute or so, invariably there is an error and the ownership is back 
at root.

What is causing this?


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