[Mailman-Users] config.db being set to 'root'

Greg Ward gward at mems-exchange.org
Fri Oct 26 23:19:03 CEST 2001

On 26 October 2001, Rob Brandt said:
> 2) New problem - I've created a new list for the first time in a few 
> months, and set the file permissions just like other lists I have 
> that work fine.  After getting everything set up and configured, I 
> try and send messages through.   The first message comes through OK, 
> but subsequent submissions are rejected by Postfix because the 
> config.db permissions are wrong.  Sure enough, config.db group has 
> been set to root.  The web pages aren't accessible anymore either. 
> I've tried this many times over and it is very repeatable.  In fact, 
> I've found that if I set ownership correctly, then send 2 or 3 
> messages to the list quickly they all come through.  But if I wait a 
> minute or so, invariably there is an error and the ownership is back
> at root.

Hmmm: could it be that qrunner is changing the permissions?  Whose
crontab are you running qrunner from?  Try commenting it out of your
crontab, send a message, poke around ~mailman, run qrunner manually
(just like would be done from cron), and then poke around ~mailman

Any help?


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