[Mailman-Users] Old Question, New Twist

Paul Cox paul at coxcentral.com
Sat Oct 27 00:14:50 CEST 2001

On Friday, Oct 26, 2001, Amanda wrote:

> But seriously - a valid question, if'n you dunno how fussy I tend to
> be, and missed the part where I said "RPM for Mandrake 8". They were
> 'drake rpm's. They was no worky. Along with a host of other things
> I've had to bludgeon into submission. I've been singularly unimpressed
> with Mandrake so far. That machine is now a "toy" that lives under my
> desk ::taps case lovingly with foot:: and we're using RH 7.1 on the
> production server. BTW, we're having much less trouble with that RH
> box in general than we're having with this one. ::Shrug::

Odd.  I can name countless numbers of people that have no problems (as
you probably already know).  I'm really curious as to what .rpm's you
were having problems with and the circumstances.  But we should probably
shutup about this on the list though. =)

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