[Mailman-Users] Old Question, New Twist

J C Lawrence claw at 2wire.com
Sat Oct 27 03:57:06 CEST 2001

On Fri, 26 Oct 2001 19:00:17 -0400 
klowther  <Ken> wrote:
> On Thursday 25 October 2001 10:22 pm, J C Lawrence wrote:

>> I generally recommend new *nix users to use Exim.  Its secure,
>> fast, has a human readable config file (that you can easily
>> understand years later), excellent documentation, and a good
>> security history.

> The rpm I installed comes with a file eximconfig or something
> similar that I discovered while knocking around the directories.
> Text based.  Asks the basic questions.  Then you can go study the
> config file to see where all your answers got put.

eximconfig is the tool Debian uses to config Exim (Exim is the
default MTA under Debian).  A few other systems have started to use
it as well.

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