[Mailman-Users] sending subscription info to my email

Dani Rosen danirosen at hotmail.com
Sun Sep 2 10:18:32 CEST 2001


I've been busy customizing the subscription page for my mailing list all day and am quite stuck with some stuff:

The mailman program only requires an email and a password, however, I'd like to get more information from my subscribers to go to my email. 
My subscription page is:
The action command:

<FORM onSubmit="return formCheck()" name="rsad" action="../subscribe/rsad_digizoneinc.com" method="post">

goes to the mailman python script I cannot reach or edit because I'm not a sysadmin. 

My goal is to get the form data to me by email as well as process it to the python script of mailman. I tried various Javascript combinations to get multiple "actions" in one form with the help of:

but none of that worked.

I then tried to see whether I can parse the data to a perl script and have that perform two actions - one - send me an email with the data, and two - send the data to the python script. Let the Perl script act as an in-betweener. However, while I know in Perl how to send emails with the form data, I don't know how to repost that to a new action in the perl script - without hitting another "submit" button.
If I had access to the subscription script, I probably could have done something with it there.

Any ideas on how to get the other subscription info to my email as well as to mailman?



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