[Mailman-Users] reply_goes_to_list, reply_to_address, "Submit" from webinterface

Matthias Leisi matthias at astrum.ch
Tue Sep 4 08:35:13 CEST 2001

> > E.g., I set "foo at lists.astrum.ch" to be put in Reply-To:, but still
> > "test at astrum.ch" is being put in the outgoing mails.
> Try setting lists.astrum.ch to be the default "servername" in the main
> config page.
> It worked for me. Warning: take note of the details mentioned about this
> setting.

Shame on me. It was a problem with sendmail masquerading from
"lists.astrum.ch" to "astrum.ch" (through MASQUERADE_AS('...')- and
FEATURE('masquerade_envelope')-m4-macros). Together with an incomplete
delegation of nameservers (I took over the primary NS just a few days ago),
this caused major confusion.

Lessons learned:

 * Make double sure your DNS setup is correct.
 * sendmails Masquerading-stuff also applies to Reply-To:-
   header rewriting.

So, nothing blame mailman for.

> No ideas, but I can confirm this... that the "Explicit Reply-To-Header"-
> field has popped up with the same field for me too. Looks like a bug, 
> though I haven't duplicated it. 

ACK. I also tried to duplicate - to no avail. I now set the default to
"This List", which is required for the most part of my lists anyway.

Overall, mailman just works perfect :)


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