[Mailman-Users] configurations

Ben Burnett benwa at ocentrix.com
Mon Sep 10 09:55:38 CEST 2001

At 02:20 PM 9/10/01 +0930, Dat Bui wrote:
>Hi there, please help with my configuration problem.
>I want to create a list where only a few select can post to it. This is no
>problem with Mailman but if a non-priviledged user posts to the list it goes
>into the "posting held for approval" section where I (the list admin)
>discard all postings. Is there a way to discard all non priviledged users?

Currently (ver. <= 2.0.6) there is no way to automatically do this.  It is 
however an FAQ and if you search the archives at search.python.org you may 
find a patch, solution, or other interesting answer.


Good luck,


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