[Mailman-Users] subscribe box without password?

Frank Goossens fgoossens at reference.be
Mon Sep 17 16:47:52 CEST 2001

for a customer of ours we wrote a small application (in vbscript/ asp, as
the customer is on an NT-box for now) to present the user with a
subscription-form (asking for e-mail-address and some personal data) of our
own (so we by-pass the mailman subscription interface entirely).

all input is stored in a database (for crm-purposes) and the e-mail-address
is added to a simple text-file (maillistname_add or maillistname_remove)
which is on a samba-share on the linux-server on which mailman resides (but
you could just as well ftp those files over between the two servers on a
regular basis). 

the text-file is processed by a (cronned) shellscript that uses the
add_members and remove_members mailman-commands to perform the actual
subscription.. i'm sure there are easier ways, but this proved to be very
flexible and extensible, without us having to change mailman's code.

(we previously even had the asp repost the e-mail-address to one of the
pages inside the mailman administrative interface, but that did not prove to
flexible .. ;-)

good luck!

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> Hi there,
> Thanks for the great Mailman program. I intend to use it at 
> as a announce list 
> on a website. What I want is that people fill in their e-mail 
> address in a box that 
> is integrated in the site and just have to press a button. Is 
> it possible to get 
> around the two "enter your password" boxes? If so, would 
> somebody be so 
> kind to tell me? Thanks a lot!
> cheers,
> GW
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