[Mailman-Users] MySQL?

Frank Goossens fgoossens at reference.be
Thu Sep 20 00:08:11 CEST 2001

you could consider writing a cronned script (perl/ python/ whatever can
access mysql) that gets the e-mails out of the database (all of them), saves
them in a temp-file and which uses the remove_member and add_member mailman
(python) scripts to first remove (all) and then add (all) the users?

you could make it (and your database design) even more complex by using
flags in your table to mark entries as 'to be added' and 'to be removed',
have the script interpret those flags and clear them (+ remove removed
entries) from the table. 

but i'd stick to the simpler solution ;-)


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I have a  large mailing list of about 500.  Concurrently there is a 
maintained MySQL  database that includes a column with these email 

Would there be any possibility of  getting mailman to draw the list 
from MySQL thus making updates automatic?


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