[Mailman-Users] Case-sensitivity and advertised lists

James Watson james at FuturisTech.net
Thu Sep 20 02:10:18 CEST 2001


I've just started playing with Mailman, version 2.0.6.  I've noticed an odd
behavior with the listinfo page.  After creating a couple of test lists,
I realized that neither were showing up on the default listinfo page,
even though both were set to be advertised.  They did, however, show up
on the default admin page.  I know zilch about Python, but I did locate
this snippet of code in listinfo.py:

        if mlist.advertised:
            if mm_cfg.VIRTUAL_HOST_OVERVIEW and \
                    http_host and \
                    string.find(http_host, mlist.web_page_url) == -1 and \
                    string.find(mlist.web_page_url, http_host) == -1:
                # List is for different identity of this host - skip it.

I gather that the string.find()'s are comparing the http_host string, which
comes from the browser, to the web_page_url string, which is configurable
for each list.  This appears to be a case-sensitive comparison, and it
results in the end user getting different results according to how he
capitalizes the host name in his browser. At least, this is the case with
my browser: Netscape 4.77 on Linux.

admin.py does not do this check, so all advertised lists show up on the
default admin page.

I'm working around this by setting VIRTUAL_HOST_OVERVIEW=0 in mm_cfg.py. I
assume there's an easy way to fix this in the code, but I'll let someone
who has at least seen more than 1 Python script suggest it. :-)


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