[Mailman-Users] "Maximum messages per hour" not working?

Matthias Leisi matthias at astrum.ch
Thu Sep 20 20:08:11 CEST 2001

> >'m confused about the "Maximum number of messages your list gets in an
> >hour"-Setting under the "Bounce options" (max_posts_between_bounces). Is
> messages per hour).  They are highly significant on a list with one message
> a week.  It's a hint to the bounce processing (and could probably be named
> and described better:  I have the feeling that the bounce processing has
> advanced since the setting was created, named, and described).

Thank you for the explanation. Then, I have a suggestion: introduce a
setting on limiting and/or throttling the maximum number of messages within
a certain timeframe. 

We just had a night during which an ill-formed vacation program kept sending
messages to a list over and over again, and such a setting would reduce the
effect on user stupidity ,)


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