[Mailman-Users] Unknown user

Gustavo Schroeder gustavo at ccs.univali.br
Sat Sep 22 17:20:13 CEST 2001

Hi pals

i´ve just installed mailman v2.0.6, taking all the steps from the
i´m running an MTA with smrsh, for precaution, i´ve created the symbolic
link under /etc/smrsh for the wrapper (README.SENDMAIL)
the software is installed and running, i can create a list, modify its
description, use the administrative interface and so on. When i create a
list, the mailman sends e-mail for users subscribed, etc, etc.
but when i try to send the confirmation to list-request at myhost, the MTA
5.1.1 <list-request at myhost> User unknown...
the same happens with --> list at myhost

any guess?

best regards

Gustavo Schroeder

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