[Mailman-Users] DEFAULT_HOSTNAME? (fwd)

eric-mailman at pretorious.net eric-mailman at pretorious.net
Tue Sep 25 09:40:39 CEST 2001

Here are the system values that I set before configuring:

  `hostname www`
  `hostname funkymonkeybutt.com`

Here are the settings I used to configure Mailman:


...and the values I used in Mailman/mm-cfg.py (Pay special attention to
the capitalization of the values):


Here are the only places that I'm seeing those values reflected:

  cgi-bin/admin: The banner across the top... Funkymonkeybutt.com
  cgi-listinfo: The banner across the top... www.funkymonkeybutt.com

What strikes me is:
1. The two different values IN THE SAME LOCATION on the page.
2. The fact that I never used the entire string "www.funkymonkeybutt.com"
   during configuration.
3. grep'ing the $prefix directory recursively reveal only two instances of
   the string "pretorious.net" - Both are in Mailman/Defaults.py - yet
   the same string still finds it's way into the mailman-owner address.

It's not vaporware, it's crack-ware! Pass me the lighter, please.

Eric P.
Los Gatos, CA

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