[Mailman-Users] Importing users

Jon Carnes jonc at haht.com
Sat Sep 29 07:14:13 CEST 2001

> I'm in the process of converting from another list
> server to Mail-Man.  I see that I can add users through
> the admin web interface, but I am concerned.
> When someone adds themselves to a list, they are
> prompted for a password.  When I add a list, there is no
> password prompt.
> How does this get resolved?  Is the password no big
> deal?  Are they asked to enter a password at some point
> in the future?
> Enquiring minds want to know...
> Thanks,
> Mike
> --
> Mike Avery

When you add a user to the list, Mailman autogenerates a password for them.
If you have Mailman send a welcome message to each person that you add then
they will get their passwords in the Welcome message.

Otherwise, you can trigger Mailman to send the passwords out (which it
normally does monthly anyway), or any individual can go to the listinfo
interface and put in their email address to have their password mailed to

Jon Carnes

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