[Mailman-Users] privacy options and a "personal" mailing list.

Dave Sherohman esper at sherohman.org
Mon Apr 8 23:23:26 CEST 2002

On Mon, Apr 08, 2002 at 01:10:32PM -0700, George Hartzell wrote:
> So, I decided to set up my own mailman mailing list, forward the
> messages there, subscribe myself to it, and let it digestify them for
> me (hurray for mailman's mime digests!).

Nice hack...  Almost makes me sorry I don't do digests, so I can't
use it myself.

> The problem is that mailman keeps holding the messages for admin
> approval, either because the people posting aren't on the list (easy
> fix, allow anyone to post) or because
>   "Blind carbon copies or other implicit destinations are not allowed..."

Similarly easy fix:  Turn off "Must posts have list named in
destination (to, cc) field (or be among the acceptable alias names,
specified below)?"

> I'm confused about what should go in the aliases field, values from
> the message header or the envelope?

The header.

> If it's the header, then why
> don't any of the lines above match?

Have you been trying your address as an alias or the address of the
original mailing list that the message is coming from?  From your
examples, I'd guess you're using the original list's address, but I
would expect that you need to use your own.  Either way, if you've
only tried one, see if the other works.  (And if that doesn't do it,
cut'n'paste the text from the held message's To: header into the list
of acceptable aliases.)

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