[Mailman-Users] changing datas in config.db

François Chenais francois at chenais.net
Thu Apr 11 12:38:20 CEST 2002


	I would like to change datas in config.db file

	specialy transform

	  'archive_directory': '/opt/mailman/archives/private/detente',
 	  'private_archive_file_dir': '/opt/mailman/archives/private/detente.mbox',
  	  'public_archive_file_dir': '/opt/mailman/archives/public',


	  'archive_directory': '/var/mailman/archives/private/detente',
 	  'private_archive_file_dir': '/var/mailman/archives/private/detente.mbox',
  	  'public_archive_file_dir': '/var/mailman/archives/public',

	In fact, I have transfered my list datas from a server to another.
	On the new one, the admin web interface  /mailman/admin shows me 
	my  "detente" list but the 
		- /mailman/listinfo            doesn't work
		- /mailman/listinfo/detente    works

	Perhaps it's because of the path in config.db.
	Any idea ?

	Thanks a lot.


Woody 3.0
Linux tanna 2.4.14 #3 SMP Thu Dec 6 14:04:03 CET 2001 i686 unknown



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