[Mailman-Users] admin-interface does not work with konqueror

Juri Haberland haberland at altus.de
Tue Apr 16 10:56:22 CEST 2002

pilsl at goldfisch.at wrote:
> Whenever I use the admin-interface with konqueror I get the following
> problem:
> "Error decoding authorization cookie" after the first submit of
> configs. This "sure" is a problem with mailman, cause I use konqueror
> very frequently and never got a similar message before.
>  Dont have problems with any other browser but with all konquerors I
> tried ..

Hmm, so if all other browsers work, why is it a problem of Mailman and
not Konqueror?

Btw, Konqueror 3.0 works fine for me, but 2.x didn't.


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     then each of us still has one object.
  If each of us have one idea,   and we exchange them,
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