[Mailman-Users] pending subscription problem in 2.0.9

Thomas Hillson hillson at iastate.edu
Fri Apr 19 19:28:00 CEST 2002

I am having a problem with 2.0.9 I have not been able to get the web 
interface to work for subscriptions.

When I attempt to subscribe on the general user web page. I get an 
acknowledgement of the subscription with the note that I will have to 
respond to the email message to confirm my subscription. The email 
message never comes. If I look in the subscription log I see the 
standard entry for a pending subscription.

Apr 15 10:45:53 2002 (9697) help: pending tdh at mac.com

However, I never get an email message to confirm the subscription.

I see no errors or abnormalities on the web server side. I am running 
Apache 1.3.22 on
RedHat Linux 7.1.

This happens if I set it to confirm for the subscription 
verification. If I change it to require approval, it works and I can 
approve subscriptions. I do not want to get all the approve and 
disapprove email on most of my lists I just want the user to 
subscribe and confirm.

Any ideas on how to fix this or where to look next?
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