[Mailman-Users] Ownership problems in admindb.py

ajit k jena ajit at cc.iitb.ac.in
Sat Apr 20 08:30:13 CEST 2002


I have setup Mailman and have the following problems with it:

	I have a list called priv where only memebers are allowed
	to post.

	When a non-member posts to the list, it goes for admin

	The administratior rejects the posting thru web interface.

	At this point the ownership of /var/lists/priv/configdb and
	/var/lists/priv/configdb.last changes. It changes from
	uid=mailman, gid=nofiles to uid=nobody, gid=nofiles. Also,
	the permission of the files become -rw-rw----

	This happens because apache is running with uid=nobody and
	gid=nofiles. I have configured mailman with uid=mailman and

	The refusal intimation from the admin never goes ou to the
	poster because the qrunner runs with uid=mailman and gid=nofiles
	and it has no read access to the files /var/lists/priv/configdb*.
	The moment I do "chmod a+r /var/lists/priv/configdb*" the queue
	is cleared and the refusal message reaches the external user.

Can anyone please help me out ? I can not run apache with any other
uid. I am thinking of patching the admindb.py to force the ownership to
uid=mailman and gis=nofiles. This I want to do as a last resort if I
dont find any responses.



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