[Mailman-Users] listinfo.html, header & footer issue...

Ernesto Gluecksmann ernesto at infamia.com
Tue Apr 23 20:50:07 CEST 2002

Hello folks,

Most of you are probably familiar how to use Server Side Includes on a website to propagate a header & a footer page for a website  This allows you to have to make one change to a file, and be assured that it is used ("propagated") throughout the rest of the website.

Well, what I can not understand how to adequately do, is how to implement this strategy whenever a user is sent to the list's listinfo.html.

There's plenty of references in the archives about how to change the headers for the email message that is sent to the user, and how to change the logos at the bottom of the page.

But these are only superficial changes as far it goes to providing a professional and consistent interface for users and administrators of Mailman list serves.

What do I need to do?

I know that adding an SSI directive in the listinfo.html template itself doesn't work.  And I can't figure out how MM-Mailman-Footer code works, as I was hoping I could hack a MM-Mailman-Header and insert my header files that way.

Some help would be 'preciated,
Ernesto Gluecksmann

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