[Mailman-Users] {SPAMFILTER} Unsubscribe problems

Andross andross at ghettobox.dhs.org
Sat Apr 27 20:35:42 CEST 2002

I found this site helps

unfortunately his persmissions are WRONG! don't set your unsubscribe
script perms 755 instead use 750 (not world readable), and then chgrp
it to group 'list' or whatever group you run mailman as.

I use this for my email list and I set the reply-to to be the remove addy.
It's an announcement list, so all replies go to the proper place to

On Fri, 26 Apr 2002, Tod and Deanna Mascle wrote:

> I seem to have a lot of people who have email programs that mailman
> doesn't like at least when it comes to unsubscribing--mine included!
> Many can subscribe via email without a problem but there doesn't seem
> to be an easy way to unsubscribe because the e-mail method always
> generates problems.  I've been manually unsubscribing people but it is
> time-consuming and folks get irritated because mailman won't handle
> it.  Is there some magic formula I'm missing?  Currently using
> listname-request at domain.com?subject=unsubscribe format.

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