[Mailman-Users] Webshield bombs sending to Mailman

Bueschel, Eric W RWBAHC DIN-PACS Eric.Bueschel at CEN.AMEDD.ARMY.MIL
Tue Apr 30 17:23:57 CEST 2002

Anyone have any idea what could be causing this:

 -----Original Message-----
From: 	Webshield SMTP V4.5 MR1a Mail Service [mailto:Webshield SMTP V4.5
MR1a Mail Service] 
Sent:	Tuesday, April 30, 2002 4:02 AM
To:	auser at somedomain.com
Subject:	Returned Mail: Error During Delivery

------ Here is your List of Failed Recipients ------
<mailman at mydomain.com>

Destination mail server returned error code 250.
-------- Here Is Your Returned Mail --------

Mailman is running on Slackware Linux using Sendmail 8.11. As near as I can
tell, sendmail's error code 250 means that everything was a success.  I
don't get it.
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