[Mailman-Users] individual moderation of users in v2.1 - is it possible?

Marcelo Assis sema.marcelo at telemigcelular.com.br
Thu Aug 1 20:41:32 CEST 2002

Hi folks,

Can anyone using mailman v2.1 please tell me if there is a built-in feature
to set individual members in moderated mode, instead of putting the whole
list, like there is in version 2.1b2???

I´m sure v2.1b2 can do it because i checked it out myself on a friends
installed version, but i dont have a 2.1 installed to check.

My web hosting is installing mailman today for us so we need to know which
version they should get. Can someone please drop us a clue?



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> Under 2.1 IIRC its fairly easy (maybe even a base feature, but I haven't
> looked at v2.1 recently).
> > If possible, can i please let me know how its done in mailman? Can i
> > do it thru web control panel?
> Under v2.0 as above.
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