[Mailman-Users] Public lists and archiving questions

Bob Weissman rlw at rlw.best.vwh.net
Fri Aug 2 20:08:47 CEST 2002

At 09:00 AM 8/2/02, David Mir wrote:
>I have tried the first option it still does not show up when I go my listinfo 
>site.  Is there anything I should check to see if there are errors?

Here's a tip which should probably be added to the FAQ.

If you have lists which appear in the Admin index, but not in the Listinfo index, it is usually because of a domain mismatch, often due to the use of virtual hosts.

In your case, it appears to be due to an extra "www." I can see your lists at
but not at

Please look at the VIRTUAL_HOST_OVERVIEW option in Defaults.py and at the web_page_url attribute of your lists. You will need to change one of them.

- Bob

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