[Mailman-Users] Migration scripting

Tim Crouch tcrouch at du.edu
Fri Aug 2 23:22:58 CEST 2002

Anyone who can help -

	We have a "home grown" mailing list setup right now and are purchasing
new hardware and moving to Mailman.  I need to migrate the current lists
to the new environment.  I have the following data files (all are plain
text, colon-delimited, flat files) on the current system:

list.db - this has the following information about the list:

people.db - list_owner*:List Owners Full Name:Phone_number:email_address

<list_name>.dis - this is a list of all members of the list

*list_owner = email address without "@du.edu"

	I know I can use add_members after I have created the list and simply
use my *.dis files as input. I also know that I can use config_list to
change list parameters, though I am unsure of the necessary format of
the input filename - an example here would be great!  The biggie here is
how can I script newlist to read from a file to generate lists so that I
can do the next steps?  I am familiar with expect and could possibly
hack something together, but was hoping there was a "better" way.

Any and all help would be greatly appreciated!

Tim Crouch
University of Denver

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