[Mailman-Users] Mm2.1: Get rid of "The results of your email commands..." upon confirmation?

Helmut Merz helmutm at cyberdev.org
Mon Aug 5 14:29:34 CEST 2002


I got a somewhat annoying problem with Mailman 2.1b2:

After sending the confirmation message to
<list>-request@<domain> (topic: "confirm 0a3df39...") the
new member gets the following message from
(in addition to the welcome message):

topic: "The results of your email commands"

"The results of your email command are provided below.
Attached is your original message.

- Results:
    Confirmation succeeded

- Unprocessed:

- Ignored:
    >     confirm 0a3df39ebdfcfb20f8b535a7aff372ed7857bab4

- Done.

Such a message might rather confuse users than give them
any useful information, so my question:

Is there a standard way to prevent Mailman 2.1 from sending
this message? I never saw it in Mailman 2.0 and did not get
it when subscribing to other Mailman lists.


Helmut Merz

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