[Mailman-Users] qmail, vpopmail, mailman

Curt Siffert siffert at museworld.com
Mon Aug 5 12:07:21 CEST 2002

Are there any recipes for getting mailman working with qmail+vpopmail ?

Basically I want each domain owner to be able to go to 
theirdomain.com/mailman and be able to create 
MailmanListName at theirdomain.com .

Ideally this would be possible with one installation of mailman, while 
"linuxfans at domain1.com" could coexist with "linuxfans at domain2.com" .  
But if the list names have to be unique across multiple domain names I 
can live with that.

I've seen a couple of things like a patch to vpopmail's vdelivermail and 
some "supplementary-groups" patch for qmail to solve the group problem, 
but both seem like they are from a while ago and I'm not sure how valid 
they are, and there doesn't seem to be a guide out there for mailman + 

I'll write something up in exchange for some help - anyone want to email 
me with some pointers?


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