[Mailman-Users] some wishes

Odhiambo Washington wash at wananchi.com
Wed Aug 7 07:52:51 CEST 2002

* Hideki SUNADA <webmaster at pac-01.com> [20020806 23:58]: wrote:
> Hi,
> I didn't know how to add some requests to the wishlist
> so here they are.
> If you can add some buttons or selection to choose the
> language for the list.  Some program (like "urchin") is
> able to switch to Japanese language by just pushing the
> buttons.  I think it will be much easier for Japanese
> administrator like me.

Hello Hideki,

The options you want are in 2.1b2 already. Take a look.

PS: I tried to switch to Japanese language and got an error
but that could be something to do with the fact that I may not
be having the libs in my box.

       - wash 
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