[Mailman-Users] Two questions about message archiving

Marcelo Assis sema.marcelo at telemigcelular.com.br
Wed Aug 7 15:20:56 CEST 2002

Hi folks,

I got two questions about message archiving:

1- How do i import the old messages to the list i´m creating on v2.1b2, so
mailman can create the html files for them??? The file is a standard mbox;

2- Is it possible to make mailman number each message like Yahoo Groups
does, so i when i browse thru the web archives i can atually see how many
messages the list generated so far, and also on the main archiving screen,
where you choose which month and which indexing u wanna see, i can also see
the amount of messages of that specific month??

Thanks for any help!


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