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Thu Aug 8 22:00:58 CEST 2002

Ha! You self-righteous hippo-crit! http://PaulsFunHouse.com/ initiates a
pop-up for "adult" lists "Pure-Humor".. And carries links for "adult humor"?
Give us a break! Yeah, maybe Tom's reply was little tough, maybe Tom
was having a bad day, but sounds like the pot calling the kettle black, pal.

You really think anyone here will miss you? You think you are depriving
us of anything by leaving? Certainly no monetary loss, since Mailman
is open source.

BTW: list is not moderated, it's one of those values in the USA called
freedom of speech! Don't let the CD-ROM door hit your behind on your
way out.


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| Maybe that is the case Tom...but I think your reply was a little bit
| harsh....have you NEVER asked a "stupid" question in your life?  Maybe NOT
| everyone is as intelligent as you are!
| To the moderators...if this is an acceptable reply to a question on this
| list...then I will now be taking my leave of this list and finding an
| alternative!
| Paul
| At 11:19 PM 07/08/02, Tom Whiting wrote:
| >This is a case of RTFM (Read the &*^##%^ manual).
| >This is all covered there.
| >Make sure that sendmail (or your MTA) is pointing to yourhost.com and
| >accept mail for yourhost.com however
| >On Wednesday 07 August 2002 11:09 pm, Aris Santillan wrote:
| > > hello guys
| > >
| > > why is it my mailman is binded to
| > > localhost.localdomain ?
| > > how can i change it to my real
| > > domain?
| > >

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