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Ashley M. Kirchner ashley at pcraft.com
Tue Aug 13 00:40:14 CEST 2002

Chris Winterrowd wrote:

> How well does Mailman scale, and what's the largest number of lists that
> anyone has reported having? I'm looking to replace majordomo which just
> crossed 18,000 lists and the growth is increasing exponentially. Any
> success stories or horror stories are welcome!

    Eh, 18,000 lists, or 18,000 subscribers?

    Please note that performance is mostly based on the hardware you're using.
However, as many on here will also vouch for, having the right combination of
software also helps a great deal.  While Sendmail is the default MTA on many
platforms (I said many, not all), it's not exactly the best one suited for large
mailing lists.  There are faster ones, Postfix, Qmail and Exim to mention a few.

    I have several large (10,000+ subscribers per list) lists running on a
(cramped) 200MHz RISC machine with 512Mb of RAM, and while it's not the fastest
one on the farm, it does the job quite nicely.

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