[Mailman-Users] Can I pay for Technical support? re: MailMan?

Steve Shultz sshultz at mindspring.com
Tue Aug 13 07:23:35 CEST 2002

We are downloading Mailman on our Linux box. Is there paid technical
support available?

Who can tell us what the capacity is on a 1-meg. out dsl line---that is,
how many, on the average emails can be sent via Mailman?

Are there issues with AOL and other ISP's that we must be aware of-- in
order not to be labeled as spam?

What experts can we consult with?

P.S. Can we use two computers and/or two dsl accounts at the same time,
to mail to large mailing lists? Will that work?


Steve Shultz
Albany, Oregon

I have a list that within weeks will go to 75,000 readers twice each
day, but sometimes, on certain days, 5-6 times a day. I want to use a
dsl line to do it. whattayathink?


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