[Mailman-Users] Daily Digests and other issues

Will Galloway mmlist at confused.org
Wed Aug 14 05:22:13 CEST 2002


I posted this to developers, and got a deafening silence. I hope this is a
more appropriate list.
I admin a ~1000 member outdoor activities list hosted at pair.com
so I don't get to see the gory stuff, just the web interface. The size
trigger for daily digests stopped working last year, and I understand
that it was a server loading issue that caused this. The server in question 
handles several hundred lists. Since our list has quite a bit of time
sensitive info, 
and variable traffic levels, this feature is very important. Is there any
change in 
the handling of this feature in 2.1.x that would reduce the CPU requirements? 
Or anything that pair can try to clean up their implementation to fix it?

Other stuff:
Duplicate and frivolous subscriptions are annoying, and a "discard" option
sub. requests would be much appreciated. Awareness of a pre-existing sub. 
request from the same address should be implemented. Rejection just confuses 
legitimate (albeit impatient) subscribers, and encourages people who are 
messing around to keep trying. In the same vein, the ability to
the default rejection message for posts would avoid antagonizing people who 
need coaching now and then. If true moderation and customization of all the 
various messages is forthcoming, then that's ideal.


Will Galloway

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