[Mailman-Users] some details

Jeroen Valcke jeroen.valcke at belnet.be
Wed Aug 14 17:14:58 CEST 2002


After a second attempt I succeeded in installing MailMan, version 2.0.11
I created a test mailing list and took MailMan for a test drive. All
seems to work perfect. Just a small detail and something I don't

I 'instructed' mailman to use lists.mydomain.com as default hostname.
Seems to work, when the lists sends out a message the from is indeed
<listname at lists.mydomain.com> However the confirmation message sent
after a subscription request does not comply with this rule. The
'confirmation of subscription' message sent by Mailman has a from header
in the form of <listname-request at mydomain.com> How can I fix this?

Secondly I found a weird file in the directory /usr/mail/ The name of
the file is mailman I don't understand what it is doing or why it was
created in this location since I installed MailMan in the directory
/usr/local/mailman, weird, can anybody explaing?

Kindest regards,

Jeroen Valcke
sst at belnet.be
jeroen.valcke at belnet.be

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