[Mailman-Users] Moving mailman to new server and upgrading mailman

Adam Brons adam at odu.edu
Thu Aug 15 15:35:36 CEST 2002

I'm looking for some advice, here's the situation:

I have mailman 1.x installed on server 'A'.  We're upgrading mailman to
2.x but we're also moving it to server 'B'.  On server 'A' the install
directory for mailman is /usr0/mailman.  On server 'B' the install
directory for mailman is going to be /usr1/mailman.  

Symlinking /usr0/mailman to /usr1/mailman on server 'B' is NOT an option.

Would it be easier to just do a fresh install of mailman 2.x on server 'B'
and manually migrate the lists from the old server following the steps in
"UPGRADING" and fixing whatever else may arise.  Or should I copy the
installation on server 'A' to server 'B' go through and make all the
changes where the path is wrong and then do a make install of mailman 2.x
on top of mailman 1.x?  Or is there some much easier way to do this?  

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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                     Office of Computing and Communications Services
                     Old Dominion University - Norfolk, Virginia. USA

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