[Mailman-Users] more htdig problems

Roelf Schreurs mailman-users at imc.nl
Fri Aug 16 11:13:20 CEST 2002

Running mailman 2.1b3 (newest patches) with htdig.

I have a couple of lists but the search only works for some. When I run
nightly_htdig I get errors with some lists and other work.
Here is the ouput to show what is happening.

su-2.05a$ ./nightly_htdig -v

htdig'ing archive of list: openbsd
/usr/bin/sort: mkstemp error: Permission denied
htmerge: Word sort failed

htdig'ing archive of list: humor

As you can see, the list "openbsd" gives errors but the list "humor" works
Therefore I can sucsessfully search the "humor" archives, but the "openbsd"
archives gives and error when I try and search them. (Unable to read
document index file Did you run htmerge?)

I did a "chown -R mailman:mailman /opt/mailman" to make sure all permision
is the same.

I found that the lists that do work, are the ones created after I integrated
Any idea how to fix the lists that was created before htdig intergration?
(PS. I have done a blow_away_htdig)



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