[Mailman-Users] How to troubleshoot failure to post

Timothy R. Robnett tim at robnett.net
Fri Aug 16 21:40:53 CEST 2002

A few days ago I posted about a MM install I was having some difficulty
with. The list assisted and the problem was resolved, thanks! I completed my
testing and went to deploy MM on a production server. I downloaded and
compiled the source exactly the same on the production server as I had the
testing server. Everything went fine, no errors, bin/check_perms says that
all is good.

Using bin/newlist I created a new list and using the web interface
configured it. When I try to post to the list I can see in the web logs
where the alias file invokes the "/home/mailman/mail/wrapper post fei" but
that is where it stops. None of the mailing list members ever get the
message and I can find no other logs pointing to where the process died.

I have compared this to my other install which works perfectly and can
find no differences. If I su to mailman I can invoke a wrapper at the
command prompt, i.e. ./wrapper post fei <sample.txt and it will work on the 
test machine but not on the production machine.

The two machines are very nearly identical in most respects except
underlying hardware. The production machine has dual cpus and hardware RAID
whereas the test machine was an old box with an IDE drive.

What should I be looking for and where? The logs folder shows nothing in
errors, smtp show only the message sent to the list moderator and time of
list creation, and subscribers show the two subscribers I am dealing with 
to get this working. Any other ideas? TIA!

Timothy R. Robnett
mailto:tim at robnett.net

"Energy and persistence conquer all things."
Benjamin Franklin 

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