[Mailman-Users] managing mailman lists through webmin version 0.990

bronto bronto at csd-bes.net
Mon Aug 19 18:52:28 CEST 2002

I think that Dene is referring to the mailman module that is/was 
available for webmin.

Dene; unless you have urgent need, don't spend too much time on this. 
I never got the mailman module for webmin to work.  I think is was 
for a 1.x version of mailman and that's quite old now.  Plus, v2.1 of 
mailman is coming along nicely in beta testing and it has a fully 
featured web based mailing list creation interface, negating the need 
to have one in webmin.


>Dene Ulmschneider wrote:
>>   Does anyone here know how to redirect Webmin to look in a 
>>different location for the mailman files?
>>  When I try to access the Mailman Manager through webmin - I get 
>>the following error:
>>  Cannot find Mailman files! Do you have Mailman installed?
>>  But I know I have mailman installed and working - it already has a 
>>few lists that are running correctly.
>>  Any help would be greatly appreciated.
>     This is really a question for the webmin mailing list.  I would 
>assume there are configuration files for webmin where you can alter 
>the default paths, however not using webmin myself, I can't verify 
>that theory.
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