[Mailman-Users] A long URL - 2 lines - second line is not clickable.

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Tue Aug 20 01:54:32 CEST 2002

So, using html email this problem is overcome by hiding the 
overly long url in the source code; but, then, there are those
who complain about html email, or, use inferior mail readers
that don't have a clue how to read html. 

This url is too long: click here!
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  I am using Mailman 2.0.6-1 and Sendmail-8.11.6-3.  My users are complaining
  about the line wrap problem when send mailing mail to the mail list with a
  long URL.  It seems line wraps text lines that are longer than 80 characters
  with no white-space.  If you include a long URL in a email message it
  usually gets split onto separate lines and the typical email reader within
  BCA (exchange) marks the first part of the link as clickable when usually it
  isn't.  People have to paste the whole link back together manually in a web
  browser input dialog to get it to work.

  First, I thought it maybe a Sendmail problem. So I tried send a mail via
  Sendmail with a long URL and it appears to be fine.  The long URL did split
  into two lines, and the second line is still highlighted as a href link, so
  there was no problem.  By clicking the link, the browser would bring up the
  correct information.  

  However, sending an email to the mail list is a different problem.  

  For example,
  _02.html will show up with 2 lines and the second line would be ml and
  wouldn't be highlighted as part of the URL that is clickable.

  Any clue?

  Thanks for any help.  We had this problem for about a year.  I finally got a
  chance to look into it now.  

  (562) 797-1545

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