[Mailman-Users] Re: Number of members script

Deanna Phillips deanna at freeshell.org
Sat Aug 24 17:04:22 CEST 2002

"Mark Gillingham" <markgill at GreatBooks.Org> writes:

> The admin membership web screen notes the total number of members in a
> list. How can I access the script the calculates this total for my own
> use? I've looked through some of Mailman directories looking for
> "scripts" but have not found what I need. Ideas? 

You could use the list_members program, which is located in the
bin/ directory of your Mailman installation.  Most of the
programs in this directory are python scripts that you can open
up in a text editor and investigate.

Something like:

$ /home/mailman/bin/list_members mylist | wc -l

Will give you the total members in a list called 'mylist'.


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