[Mailman-Users] How to reconstruct MIME Attachments

John Dovey pjcd at sun.ac.za
Tue Aug 27 13:13:30 CEST 2002


> > Hi, subscribers of my mailing lists keep asking me how they can
> > download attached files from messages that are in the archives or
> > reconstruct Attachments from the daily batches they receive. Since
> > most of them seemed rather unexperienced (just as I am), could
> > somebody point out an easy way to decode the MIME-attachments from the
> > Archive pages...  Or can I change something in the Preferences to make
> > their lives easier?

You can tell your subscribers to take a look at
http://members.aol.com/decfaq/decfaq.htm which is a shell extension for
decoding email etc..
Hope this Helps

>From the Website :

General Program Information

Decode Shell Extension is a freeware internet email attachment decoder for
decoding files that contain one or more internet email attachments. The
program works from Windows Explorer only. Basic usage is that you first save
the complete internet message - text and attachment - to a file on disk.
Then you use Windows Explorer to navigate to the file you saved, highlight
the file, right click, and select 'Decode' from the menu. See Basic Decoding
Steps for more information and follow the above links to the examples for
more information on actual usage.

Decode Shell Extension can decode Base64(MIME), yEnc, BinHex (Mac format),
quoted-printable, plain text, XXENCODED, and User (table) encoded files.
Support for yEnc is new to version 4.6. The program can decode multiple
attachments within a single message files and multi-part files (already

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