[Mailman-Users] changing DEFAULT_HOST_NAME after creating lists

Raquel Rice raquel at thericehouse.net
Wed Aug 28 17:16:06 CEST 2002

On Wed, 28 Aug 2002 13:17:16 +0100
"John P. Looney" <valen at tuatha.org> wrote:

>   I created dozens of mailman lists on my new list server, without
> changing DEFAULT_HOST_NAME from 'localhost.localdomain'. 
>  So now all the mail lists now say that 'localhost.localdomain' is
>  where
> their administrative UI is. Any ideas how I can change that (I've
> changed it in mm_cfg.py, but that doesn't seem to affect all the
> lists).
>  Some nice automated scripty way of changing all the config.db's
>  would be
> perfect..
> John

I was hosting some lists on one of my domains.  Later they got their
own domain and I had to move their lists over to their domain.  All
I did was to go to the first page of the web administration, almost
to the bottom of the "General Options" there are two fields, "Host
name this list prefers." and "Base URL for Mailman web interface.". 
Of course, this assumes that you have your machine set up to
send/receive mail for the new domain.

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  --Gladys Browyn Stern

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