[Mailman-Users] changed server, some issues require help/advice

David F. Reed davereed at w5sv.org
Thu Aug 29 01:45:58 CEST 2002

fellow mailman users,

I am in the process of swapping mailman to a different server;
I have managed to get it mostly working, but there are a few issues
I need to solve before I can proceed with my testing...


if I go the URL for mailman, it shows no lists;
if I go to the /var/mailman directory, under archives/private
that is there, the links are under archives/public
and oddly, if I got to /url/mailman/<list-name> it goes to the list!
if I go to the admin pages, they are all set to be public...

I am stumped.  Any help. hints, etc. greatly appreciated.

Advice request:

I am thinking after I can get to all of it, to try sending a test mail to
each list and see if its working...
Are there other things that I should look at / consider?

Many thanks


David F. Reed  -> email: W5SV at arrl.net
(for pgp key: davereed at W5SV.org http://keys.pgp.com/ )

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