[Mailman-Users] Serialize?

Barry A. Warsaw barry at python.org
Thu Aug 29 04:02:23 CEST 2002

>>>>> "GAVH" == G Armour Van Horn <vanhorn at whidbey.com> writes:

    GAVH> Therefore, I quickly scan messages related to 2.1b3 and
    GAVH> occasionally lust after one or more features, but I'm not
    GAVH> installing it. Are you suggesting now that 2.1 can be put in
    GAVH> production?

It's already being used in production in many places, so I think it's
generally pretty stable.  I do think some shaking out still needs to
happen before I can give it full endorsement.  But that's why it's
still beta! :)

    GAVH> What I'm hearing is that 2.1b3 seems actually to be running
    GAVH> for a lot of folks, some of them clearly with much larger
    GAVH> installations than mine. If that's the case, why don't you
    GAVH> roll it out?

Darn good idea! :)
    GAVH> Obviously you still have the ability to issue
    GAVH> patches, as you continue to do with 2.0. Personally, I'd
    GAVH> just as soon upgrade to 2.1 as to make the final leap from
    GAVH> 2.0.12 with the 2.0.13 candidate patch to the actual
    GAVH> 2.0.13. I'm brave enough for that, I think.

    GAVH> But not until you say so!

I think we're really close.  There will definitely be a beta4 RSN, but
I don't think it will be too much longer.  Nobody wants MM2.1 out the
door more than me!


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