[Mailman-Users] Serialize?

G. Armour Van Horn vanhorn at whidbey.com
Thu Aug 29 22:14:40 CEST 2002

J C,

If you're running a number of servers it does get easier, and I suspect that
there are quite a few users here who are in that situation. One system for
Mailman is plenty for my needs, particularly since Mailman has that machine
all to itself, so other upgrades can't interfere with it. I can't justify
another system as a sandbox for 2.1, and wouldn't have time to figure out
reasonable tests to run on it anyway.

Translation: The leaders can make up their minds for themselves, the
followers have to follow.

At this point, Barry clearly says (on the website) it isn't ready, but he
has legal constraints to worry about, or at least a reputation to protect,
if everyone runs the beta and then problems develop. You only risk one
machine (and its users) at a time.

Mailman is a very small part of my business, and a little hobby interest on
the side. This means I need it to be stable, I don't have time to move to
2.1 and have to move back. I'd rather move to 2.1 and leave it for a while,
not run 2.1b3, 2.1b4, maybe 2.1b5, and then 2.1.0.

If ten folks pop up and say they are running multiple lists in production on
multiple machines in 2.1b3 that's a powerful bit of information, likely
enough for me to conclude that it really is a production-worthy product at
this point. (Particularly if they are running the same MTA I am. I chose
Postfix when I setup my Mailman system entirely because the Mailman homepage
information made it clear this would be the best combination. Has that

I'm curious how you can have several production systems running from the CVS
and still not trust the current versions, but maybe I misunderstand
something in there.

But hey, in this case I am one of the followers. I do have to have a signal
that "this product is now golden." I don't really have to have it from
Barry, the user community will do. I almost certainly will wait for the
release of 2.1 to save time for myself. I was just making a nuisance of
myself because so many were saying use the beta and Barry (through the site)
was saying not to, and felt that the issue should be addressed.

If nothing else, it pushed Barry to endorse the current beta more strongly
than he had before!


J C Lawrence wrote:

> On Wed, 28 Aug 2002 15:08:00 -0700
> G Armour Van Horn <vanhorn at whidbey.com> wrote:
> > But not until you say so!
> As with all software upgrades you get to decide when something is ready
> for deployment on your systems, nobody else.  The criteria you use for
> those decisions is private to you and has no necessary relations to the
> criteria or statements of anyone else.
>   Translation: Make up your own mind, make your own choices, support
>   your arguments with your own reasoning.
> There are several production systems that I'm runnign straight out of
> that source base's CVS repository.  You can't get much more raw than
> that.  Similarly there are several other production systems that are two
> or three whole major versions back in the past purely becuase I don't
> trust the current versions.
> Inform youself of the layout and values of the the field and then pick.
> This is OSS.  There are no magic "This product is now golden" bullets.
> --
> J C Lawrence
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