[Mailman-Users] Re: Web-based posting?

Phillip L. Harbison alvitar at xavax.com
Sun Dec 1 03:49:15 CET 2002

Elaine Miller wrote:
 > Nicolas Steenhout wrote:
 > > I want for the list to be restricted to registered users [...]
 > > Most importantly, I would like users to be able to POST to the
 > > list from the web.
 > Hmm. Seems like one ought to be able to set up a simple formmail
 > on an html page, since Formmail sends to the set address as coming
 > "from" the email address the user enters.

I assume Nicolas wants a solution that only allows registered users
to post to the list using the web.  I have a similar need.

 > Might be harder to stop spammers with this one...

Exactly.  I have a simple form and a CGI written in Perl that allows
anyone to send mail as long as they know a password.  Unfortunately,
the only way for the entire list to use this is to broadcast the
password to the list (which is NOT a Good Thing(tm)).  What I would
like is a CGI that would look up the password in Mailman's user DB.
Has anyone done this?  If not, I will put on my programming hat and
learn python.

Phil Harbison

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