[Fwd: Re: [Mailman-Users] Problem when subscribing]

Nicolas Cartron nc at ncartron.org
Sun Dec 1 18:35:16 CET 2002

>> yes, i specified the --with-mail-gid matching my /etc/passwd file.
>> How can i do ?
>> Is this a mailman problem ?
>> I mean, postfix receives the messages and forwards them to Mailman,
>> so it should be a Mailman issue ?
> It sounds to me like qrunner is failing to process the queued files.
> Can you test-run the cron job, exactly as it's entered, to ensure that
> it works?
> If the queued files are in the mailman/qfiles/in directory, then I'd
> guess that qrunner is unable to get to them. If they're in the
> mailman/qfiles/shunt directory, then qrunner had an error processing
> them. There should be something in your logs that will give you a clue
> about the problem. (BTW, I'm not entirely sure about the preceeding,
> since I haven't read the code.)
> In any case, check the mailman/logs directory for error messages in
> any of the files.


OK, i found what was wrong : mail wrapper isn't running with the right
gid/uid, but i trid both 0 and 65534 id (./configure
--with-mail-gid=65534 or 0) : if i set it to 0, Mailman answers it
should be 65534, and if i set it to 65534, that it should be 0...
I don't understand... I think i'm not far away from the success, but...

Thanks again to the hole list.

Nicolas Cartron

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