[Mailman-Users] Mailman archives and email addresses

John Summerfield summer at computerdatasafe.com.au
Sun Dec 1 00:30:26 CET 2002

It doesn't do a complete job of obscuring email addresses in archived email.

1. Some email clients use the users' email address as the base of the 

2. Mailmain doesn't obscure email addresses in the body, so if this message 
were archived, then mailman-archival-error at computerdatasafe.com.au would 
appear in the archive and be accessible to so-called harvesters of email 

I would like the ability to perform a one-way transformation on _all_ email 

I fear that obfuscation techniques such as 
"mailman-archival-error at nospam.computerdatasafe.com.au" and 
"mailman-archival-error at computerdatasafe dot com dot au" are becoming 
well-known enough that writers of the harvesting software will code round it. 
However, removing email addresses from lines such as 
"MAILER-DAEMON at Computerdatasafe.com.au said:" is safe, and as a writer to 
numerous lists, my intended audience is those subscribed to the list; if 
archival copies are less complete that's fine by me. If I want someone to 
write direct to me, I will spell out the email address.

Many people go to extraordinary lengths to reduce spam; the more mailing-list 
software does to help the better for all of is.

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